Mahal Kita Pero (Blog)

This song “Mahal Kita Pero” by Janella Salvador was  all about a teen who deeply fall in love at an early age but her family refuses to let her have a boyfriend for she is still a student and it’s a disturbance to have a boyfriend at an early age it should be when she got a new job and ready for the trials and problems to face.  The girl is terrified because her family disagree. So she explain it to the boy that they’re very young to handle relationship and she’ll give more time for family and of course for her studies.

It says that they are too young to go in a serious relationship and time would probably come that they might find someone new and fall for that person. Maybe in the right time, they can show their love for each other.

We choose this song because it has a lesson. We, teenagers are still young to have a relationship. We can’t easily understand why there are fights because of relationship. We can’t have time with our studies, our friends, our family and even ourselves. We should finish college or be in the age 20. But for the others, they need to have a job first to afford for yourself like your house and the other needs. If you are engage, plan first whether you are ready or not.


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